The Creative Forces' duo of Miles Lichterman and Lonnie Roy are a force in the retail marketing and display World. Combined with 50 + years of experience, Miles and Lonnie offer their clients a wide range of talent and expertise.

Miles Lichterman started his career in retail and knew that he had an eye for merchandising, and soon moved into a corporate position directing department stores in merchandising both their furniture and home store areas. After developing his skills in merchandising programs and special events ,he was approached with the opportunity to create a visual merchandizing program for the cosmetic and accessories area. Excited by this challenge he created alliances with the different brands to promote their launches of color and products to benefit both the retailer and the brand. These promotional events also gave Miles the chance to create new merchandise tools, that are now a regular part of merchandising programs that can be seen through out retail today. His next challenge came when he crossed over to the manufacturing side of Visual Merchandising. He took with him the ability to understand the importance of branding and also creating a partnership atmosphere with the client. Designing and manufacturing for both small and large companies. Along with this new challenge Miles learned the ins and outs of running a manufacturing facility. Realizing that keeping up with the changing market ,meant he needed to take the next step and open his own company, so that he could be flexible enough to mold to the changing trends and be able to react faster. This change is what brought about Creative Forces!

Lonnie Roy's career came about very differently. Starting out as a Fashion Design Major, creativity was always part of his life. While attending Fashion Institute of Design, he worked in retail selling various cosmetics lines. After graduation he worked as a designer assistant , but the allure of the cosmetic retail World kept tempting him. He worked his way from Counter Manager to Account Rotator, and from Brand Make Up Artist to Department Manager/Buyer. He learned the cosmetic industries' in and outs of branding, merchandising and selling. Cosmetics were in his blood, but an opportunity to use his design talents came his way. He was offered an opportunity to work with a design firm that did Point of Purchase displays and signing for national retail chains. Using his creative background, he soon became the Creative Director overseeing the graphic designers and working directly with the major clients. This was an incredible opportunity which lead to learning everything about photography, printing processes and production. Working with clients' marketing departments to design the vehicles to get across the marketing messages.